☼ Spring/Summer Room Tour: Vanity Tour, Jewelry Collection & New Clothes! ☼

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Hi Glitter Critters!! This was a HIGHLY requested video for me to do when I posted a photo of my mini room on Instagram a few weeks back! You guys loved it and wanted to see a more in depth tour of my Vanity, Jewelry and MORE! So, here it is! Please click LIKE and Favorite if you want to see my MAKEUP COLLECTION!

Here are the Products I purchased from Amazon.com and their direct links:

Pink Vanity (This was a Christmas Gift):


18in Velvet Necklace Display:


2 Tier Velvet Jewelry Display:


3 Tier Velvet Jewelry Display:


Small Black Velvet T-Bar:


4 Tier Birdcage Earring Holder:


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Visit http://www.rue21.com to see all of their clothing, jewelry, makeup and more!

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video. I was not paid to mention any of names or websites of any of the products in this video. Everything you see was paid for with my own MONAAAAAAAYYYYYY Honey Boo Boo!!!!(:

Post time: 06-06-2017