10 Inappropriate School Supplies That Actually Exist

Top 10 kids school products that are totally made for adults
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In school, our school supplies, while basic had to be fashionable and cool in order to make a statement. With “back to school” sales coming just once a year before September, the school supply business is booming more than ever. But sometimes kids aren’t satisfied with the conventional school supplies and want something a bit more interesting. The result is secret purchases made on their own, or convincing a naïve parent that a certain product is completely okay. With inappropriate office supplies being sold on a regular basis, it can be easy for adult products to cross over into school products, thus causing completely inappropriate products to enter into the school system.
There’s no telling why a student would want to sport an inappropriate school product, but the consequences can be dire when it comes to getting along with teachers and administration.
Here are inappropriate school products that actually exist. Whether they are backpacks that shouldn’t be seen by the student body, or pencils that look like cigarettes, these products aren’t age appropriate and could get the student who owns them a suspension or even an expulsion depending how bad it is. From locker decorations to even clothing, students have to find a way to make a statement and stand out from the rest of the student body. Individuality and fitting in are one of the most precious things for preteens and teens to achieve, and sometimes these inappropriate school products are the way to go to achieve this goal.

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Post time: 09-24-2017