3 Ways to Use Wire Display Racks For Countertops

It’s pretty well known that countertop displays – especially those situated on the point of sale countertops – are extremely beneficial for any kind of store. These displays put merchandise directly in front of your customers’ eyes and encourage impulse purchases of items everyone needs at some point.

However, when it comes to creating countertop displays, not everyone knows what resources – or display fixtures – are available to them. Sure, plastic containers are common, but isn’t there anything else?


Wire display racks are excellent display fixtures for countertop displays, and below are three ways you can use wire racks to create countertop displays you might not have considered yet.

Use Wire Racks to Create Plastic Container Displays

Everyone knows plastic containers are ideal display fixtures for countertop displays; however, everyone also knows that not every countertop offers a whole lot of room to work with.

You can create plastic container displays for your countertop using wire display racks. These racks will hold and organize your containers as well as help you make the most of the countertop space you have to work with.

Use Wire Racks to Create Pop Displays

You might think the only place for a soda, or pop, display is in your store’s refrigerated section or somewhere on the floor where there’s enough room, such as a large aisle shelf or a space sizeable enough for a floor display rack.

However, you can also create countertop pop displays using wire display racks! Simply choose a rack designed for countertop use and fill it with cans or small bottles of soda. Drinks are usually a great impulse purchase, so creating a countertop pop display at your point of sale countertop could prove to be lucrative.

Use Wire Racks to Display Food Items

Who says the countertop you’re creating a display for is your checkout countertop? These racks are ideal ways for a variety of businesses to create countertop displays of food items:

  • Nearly every kind of restaurant can use these wire display racks to showcase edible merchandise customers might want to add to their meals or purchase on the way out, as well as both food and non-food items such as displays of seasonings and condiment packets, napkins, and drinking cups, lids, and straws.
  • Commercial cafeterias, such as those in hospitals, can use these racks to hold an assortment of food items including bags of chips, bottles of soda, and plastic containers and food grade acrylic containers filled with additional meal items.
  • Specialty shops such as bakeries, ice cream parlors, candy stores, yogurt shops, and coffee shops can use wire racks to create displays of their daily baked goods, ice cream or yogurt toppings, wrapped and unwrapped candies, and coffee cups, lids, stir sticks, and packets of creamer and sugar.

Keep in mind that unless you’re planning on displaying stand-along items like bagged snacks and bottles of soda, or using traditional plastic containers with lids or handles, be sure to look for wire display racks specifically designed to hold acrylic food grade containers.

Post time: 06-04-2017