4 Steps to Great Meta Tags

Most of the web pages that rank at the top of the search engines have good meta tags. They will determine your rankings. With one small change they can take your page from nowhere to the penthouse on Google. Yes, the meta tags. Get them right and you’re on your way to free traffic.

Here are 4 points you need to keep in mind.

1. Your Title tag is the most important meta tag – Your best keywords must be in the title of your page. At the same time your title must also “sell”

2. You have 64 spaces of text allowed, get your keywords in at the beginning of the title.


keyword is “Miami kitchen cabinets”

Title Tag: Miami kitchen cabinets – wholesale and retail – In Broward & South Florida – See our new models here!

3. Your Description tag needs to sell and have your top keywords in it.


Keywords are: “Miami kitchen cabinets, wood, custom, Florida, FL”

Description Tag: Miami kitchen cabinets. Specializing in custom kitchen cabinets and serving all

Miami and South Florida areas for 22 years. Beautiful Wood cabinets for your kitchen, see our models here.

4. Keywords and Alt tags are also important. It doesn’t hurt to have them!

For your Keywords, put in about 10-15 starting with the best ones first.

For your Alt tags, insert 2 different keywords in each the Alt tags of images on your pages.

If you follow these 4 steps you should have decent looking meta tags that will help your pages to rank higher.

Post time: 05-25-2017