4 Steps to Ordering and Installing Dollar Store Fixtures

Are you trying to understand exactly how to open a dollar store? If so you are probably working to gain as much information about the dollar discount industry as possible. You are likely examining everything you can locate about the specifics of preparing and then opening your store. One of the critical steps you may have discovered is associated with the final layout of the fixtures in your store. In this article I present 4 steps to executing the fixture layout for your store.

#1) Verify your previously-documented store layout and rules.

Do not order the gondola and other display fixtures for your store until you have carefully reviewed your layout plan. Check traffic flow. Make sure there are no safety issues. Look for dead-end aisles. Make sure your layout is designed to support the highest possible sales of merchandise. Make sure the layout supports your planned merchandise display by-department. Once you are satisfied everything is right, start calculating the actual number of fixtures and displays to order.

#2) Order the display fixtures required for your store.

With your calculations complete it is time to move on to the actually ordering of the display fixtures for your store. Do not take this step until you have adequate funding and a signed lease. Make sure there will be equipment and room for the incoming fixtures as they arrive. Be sure to have a crew ready for the arrival of all fixtures at your store. If merchandise is arriving, be sure it is not stacked in the sales area until the fixtures have been installed. Be ready and start installing them as soon after arrival as possible.

#3) Install your dollar store fixtures following the layout plan previously developed.

Finally; it is time to begin installing the fixtures. Gondola fixtures are somewhat heavy, cumbersome and almost impossible to move once they are installed and bolted together. Be sure to have adequate support to minimize the risk of someone being hurt during the installation process. Those who know how to open a dollar store never try to start this step until all flooring and wall changes have been made to store.

#4) Double-check the final display fixture layout following installation.

Here is your final check of the layout against the plan you have established. It is important to actually walk your way aisle by aisle through the store as well. Look for expected problems and issues with merchandise display and customer traffic flow. If you’ve met your rules and plans and everything else passes this final check, you can say you know how to open a dollar store; well at least this step in the process. You are now ready to start stocking the shelves with merchandise.

To your success as you discover how to open a dollar store!

Post time: 06-19-2017