5 Benefits of an Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom mirror is not only an essential commodity but also a secret friend to many. Several people including celebrities and eminent personalities clandestinely admit of talking and spending hours in front of their special bathroom mirror. Nevertheless, for common person, time is of utmost importance while getting ready for the day. Therefore, numerous people opt for illuminated bathroom mirrors that satisfy the need of being anti-fog having quality lighting and clear display.

Traditionally, beauty of a single piece of mirror glass was enhanced through superior carvings, engravings or by adding color and decorative material. It cannot be denied that these conventional mirrors are a work of art; however, they are low in functionality and seldom fulfill modern-day mirror requirements. In contrast, illuminated bathroom mirrors are extremely useful.

Let us look at five benefits of illuminated bathroom mirrors:

1) Lighting: Illuminated mirrors mostly used LED (light emitting diode) lights that help form a clean and clear image. LED’s are high-energy efficient lights that produce more lumens with less heat. This helps in low electricity consumption. LED has a unique quality that provides widespread lighting. This feature reduces dark shadows that are formed due to focus being on one particular point or object and instead highlights the entire area in focus, allowing finer picture.

2) Size: Illuminated mirrors are usually available in a sleek shape and sizes compared to conventional mirrors. Illuminated mirrors are usually made slimmer to accommodate additional features. Space is always a concern in regular modern houses. Bathrooms tend be to compact in such houses therefore illuminated mirror is a perfect accessory that utilizes less space and enhances the beauty of bathroom decor. In addition to slim bathroom mirrors, large illuminated bathroom mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes that can augment big bathroom spaces.

3) Anti-fog properties: Most illuminated mirrors have an in-built anti-fog characteristic that allows quick de-mystification. These types of mirrors are fitted with de-mystifying filling that de-vaporize the fog the moment it is formed keeping the mirror clear of fog at all times.

4) Quality of glass: The quality of glass that is used in illuminated bathroom mirrors is different from an ordinary or traditional glass. Illuminated mirrors use high-quality magnification glass panel that improves the quality of the image. These kinds of glass panels are available in various magnification quantities.

5) Additional storage space: Illuminated mirror is available in various designs that include additional storage space like attached back cabinet or slender glass shelves.

Illuminated bathroom mirror is an exclusive accessory that augments the daily dressing experience. Additionally it can be used to reflect the mood and style of the overall bathroom setting.

Post time: 04-30-2017