5 Countertop Display Fixtures You Shouldn’t Overlook

Clear plastic containers, bucket display racks, lollipop trees – these are the kinds of common countertop display fixtures most store owners think of as they’re creating countertop displays. However, there are numerous kinds of display racks for countertops that often go overlooked. Check out the display fixtures for countertops detailed below – chances are, you’ll wonder why you aren’t using them yet!

1. Display Tubes

Display tubes include the display fixtures that hold items like dry cereals and unwrapped candies in tubes of various sizes fixed on turntables. Thanks to their size and rotating feature, these fixtures are ideal for countertops in a variety of businesses including delis, cafeterias, candy stores, and bakeries.

2. Step Displays

Step displays are ideal for countertops because they allow store owners to make the most of any amount of countertop space. These displays generally provide two, three, or four “steps” on which merchandise can be displayed, and they’re perfect for stand-alone items like family-sized bags of chips or large plush toys as well as plastic containers filled with smaller, loose items like candy, gumballs, hair bands, or key chains.

3. Rotating Displays

Think of rotating displays as an all-encompassing name for any rotating countertop rack. Display tubes fall under this umbrella term, as do rotating bucket racks, spinning earring card holders, and two- and three-tiered rotating racks ideal for tubes of tester items. Rotating displays are great for countertops because you can find them in small sizes, but it’s their rotating feature that really makes them so convenient. Countertop areas are generally areas where store registers are located, and as such they’re areas where customers can only stand on one side. Rotating displays allow store owners to display more items than they could with fixed position display racks as well as allow customers to view all items instead of just one side.

4. Cup Displays

You might think cup displays only serve the purpose of holding cups in areas like deli countertops or cafeteria assembly lines; yet, thanks to their sizes and shapes, you can use cup displays to create countertop displays of small merchandise items like bouncy balls, novelty pencils and pens, and cosmetic items like lipsticks and eyeliner pencils. You can even use these displays for organizing items in the stock room or on your office desk. You can find cup displays perfect for any display space. For example, you can buy individual cup displays as well as trays designed to hold three or six cups.

5. Colored Display Boxes

You might be tempted to overlook colored display boxes because, at first glance, they might seem too small to hold any significant amount of merchandise; however, these boxes are like wolves in sheep’s clothing! Not only are they the perfect size and shape for creating larger countertop displays, but they’re also available in bright, fun colors that are sure to catch your customers’ eyes!

You can use colored display boxes for showcasing everything from edible items like wrapped candies and gumballs as well as non-edible items like small hair clips and decorative pins.

Post time: 02-06-2017