5 Tips For Eye-Catching Grocery Store Displays

There’s no getting around it: people need to eat. In our culture, that means that no matter where you live, or how self-sustained you are, everyone has to go to the grocery store. If you’re a grocery store owner or manager, you know that you have a huge customer base for that very reason. Since everyone will be coming into your store, your job is to maximize your store’s profits and to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your shopper. Part of that task will be to offer attractive, persuasive grocery store displays.

Here are some tips for how to offer eye-catching grocery store displays.

  1. Use attractive wood bins or wood cart displays to display your produce. There’s something about wood that says to your customers, “This food is close to nature; see, it’s still in its farm-like wood crate!” This isn’t misleading at all; presumably your produce IS fresh and not overprocessed. But using wood display fixtures for your grocery store displays makes your customers feel like it’s the truth, which is almost as important as it being the truth.
  2. Use clear acrylic bins or bakery display shelves to show off your fresh-baked goods. Most grocery stores display their own bakery items these days, so your priority is to keep these delicious sweets and breads from going stale. A big acrylic bin with a hinged lid is a perfect display for bagels, donuts, breads, or snack cakes. A covered set of clear plastic shelves also lets you see right in the the tempting, warm goods, while not letting too much air get to them and ruin their flavor.
  3. Offer bulk candy in acrylic bins with scoops. There are so many benefits to this one simple offering. Kids can get something they’ll enjoy, and parents can feel like they’re in control of their children’s portions (you can control how much bulk candy goes into the little sack, whereas you can’t control how much is in a candy bar). You can also market bulk candy seasonally-peppermints for Christmas, candy corn for fall, or pretty pastel Easter candies for spring.
  4. Use fish bowls to display travel-sized toiletries. There are display fishbowls with a flat edge that sit in such a way that the wide mouth is opened to the customer. Fill those bowls with small soaps, lotions, toothpastes, deodorants, or mouthwash, and customers will always know where to shop for vacations or business trips.
  5. Use elegant wire display racks as endcaps. These racks are moveable grocery store displays, and they look great at the end of any aisle. Your customers walking by will immediately notice your specials, whether it’s bunches of bananas, boxes of cereal, or cans of green beans. Stacking them neatly and creatively on this kind of display rack will help them fly off the shelves.

People will come into your store whether you take care with your grocery store displays or not. But if you take the time to make attractive and appealing grocery store displays, they’ll come in more often, spend more money, and enjoy the experience even more.

Post time: 02-03-2017