5 Useful Pieces of Candy Store Equipment

Becoming familiar with some of the most useful pieces of candy store equipment will help you create the best display for your candy – whether you manage an old-fashioned candy store or stop-and-go style gas station.

Plastic and Glass Containers

Not all candy displays will require containers to hold the candy, but many will – especially those you plan to create using additional display fixtures like display racks and wooden tables (see below).

When it comes to choosing candy containers, your options are plentiful, and you can make your selection process easier when you think about the following factors:

  • Material: The most common materials of candy containers are glass, plastic, and acrylic, though you can find wooden barrels and wicker baskets (see below). Choose the material that works best both with your store’s décor and the amount of traffic your store normally sees.
  • Size: You can find candy containers in numerous sizes – from mini to large – which helps you create displays that work with the space you have allotted.
  • Shape: Containers are available in everything from traditional round, square, hexagon, and “fish bowl” shapes to those in holiday-inspired shapes like Christmas trees and Santa Claus boots.
  • Color: Clear is the most common “color” for candy containers, but many plastic and acrylic bins and even some glass jars are available in a variety of translucent colors.
  • Accessories and Other Extras: If you plan to display unwrapped candies and candies that customers will need to pour out, look for containers with lids, handles, and handgrips as well as extras like plastic or aluminum scoops.

Display Racks

Think of “display racks” as an umbrella phrase for the numerous kinds of racks available for you to display your candy containers.

  • Traditional convenience store racks with shelves.
  • Neon pegboard racks that allow you to place your candy on shelves or hang it from pegs.
  • Bucket display racks designed to hold buckets filled with your candy.

Note that you can find most kinds of candy display racks in rotating or fixed-position models, as well as racks that are designed specifically for floor or countertop displays.

Wooden Table Displays

Like display racks, wooden table displays are great choices for holding your plastic or glass candy containers. You can find wooden table displays with round or square shelves that wrap completely around the base and in varying shades of “wood” colors, such as maple and cherry.

Wooden Display Barrels and Wicker Basket Displays

Wooden display barrels and wicker basket displays are fantastic candy display fixtures for shop owners who want to add a bit of rustic charm to their merchandise displays. Take note that wooden barrels and wicker baskets work best with wrapped candies; there is nothing included with these candy store fixtures to keep unwrapped candies fresh and protected from dust and debris.

Pre-Filled Candy Displays

While they’re great pieces of candy store equipment for all stores, pre-filled candy displays are especially useful for retail stores and other businesses that don’t focus solely on selling candy. Gumball machines, lollipop trees, and bucket display racks pre-filled with popular and novelty candies are excellent choices for these businesses because they require so little work. Simply order the candy fixtures and set them up when they arrive!

Post time: 06-07-2017