A Discussion on Curio Cabinets

What is a curio cabinet? It’s a piece of furniture people will use to store their precious collectibles so that others can see them. It protects them from dust, debris, tiny hands, and fingerprints and an assortment of other damaging issues. They are decorative and are sometimes expensive. They are usually made of wood or solid wood veneer and have a glass door as well as glass sides in order to see the items being stored inside. They range in size from small to large some are only in the corner others are hang on the wall.

One common concern is whether the wall mount curio cabinets are safe enough to have in the house. Generally the answer is yes. However, you will want to make sure they are securely fastened to the wall and in a place where people are not likely to bump into them. It also is wise to use lightweight items, not heavy ones, inside this cabinet in order to prevent it from weighing more than the wall can handle. Occasionally additional reinforcement may be necessary.

What type of items would you put in a curio cabinet?

The most common items are things such as plates, heirloom Crystal, vases, jewelry and figurines. Often these items are unique to the family and have special meaning that people want to display for guests in their home. How tall is a curio cabinet? Most cabinets are three or four shelves high and are thin so they will sit flush with the wall and not stick out too far into the room. There are corner units available also. The style of a curio cabinet can be plain or extremely decorative including those with sweeping tops to match the grandfather clock. You can also get them specially made to match the molding in your home.

Post time: 08-09-2017