A Frames Display for Every Situation

The eyewear industry goes through constant competition as new and stylish glasses frames and sunglasses are released into the market. Consumers have a difficult task in selecting the right pair for themselves with all of the available options they are exposed to when entering an eyewear store. It is up to the retailer to help the customer organize and simplify the selection process by choosing the right frames display for the situation.

If there is a large variety of glasses of different brands and styles that need to be promoted, it is often beneficial to use a wall-mounted frames display. This technique allows for larger quantities of eyewear to be shown off without crowding a store’s floor space. For even more effective customer traffic control, mirrors should be placed at intervals between each frames display so that people may try on different models without having to walk across the store to see how they look.

If wall space is unavailable, the next option of convenience is a modular frames display. These eyewear holders are often multi-sided or circular, and usually rotate so that the customer does not need to walk around to view the whole selection. These displays can be picked up and moved and can also be designed to hold different products along with the eyewear to ensure the utmost convenience for a customer. Relocating a modular frames display allows a retailer to maintain even foot traffic so that the store does not become overcrowded in a certain section. Once again, proximity to a mirror is important, so they are often attached directly to these models.

If there is concern about promoting high-profile glasses or sunglasses without theft occurring, a locking display case is a great solution. These cases are made of glass so that customers may view the products, but do not have the ability to try them on without the permission of the retailer. This ensures that the product will not break from being tried on too much, and that only serious customers will try them on.

There are many different designs for a frames display, and these are just a few. If a business is unsure as to which model would be best for them, it is best to do some research online and possibly even contact a designer for a consultation. Consultations are often free and extremely helpful because you receive expert advice from someone in the industry.

Post time: 06-04-2017