A Look At Custom Displays

Some people enjoy rummaging around in a custom made Grab Box to see what kind of treasures they can find, but when it comes to new merchandise, it could be an entirely different matter. They want full value for their money’s worth, and how the products are displayed, can make all the difference in providing the eye appeal that is necessary to attract buyer attention. Let’s take a look at a few types of custom displays which might help in presenting your wares.

Tabletop units can be made to suit the needs of a smaller exhibit, and made with a collapsible frame that folds up and fits in a handy carry bag. Panel boards can be made of different materials to provide a backdrop, or graphics, and secured to the frame with Velcro or metal fasteners. Table clothes, or drapes, could be used to mix and match for visual enhancement.

Pop-up models are usually attached to a spring loaded device which allows for fast and easy setup. Simply hold onto a metal loop, or handle, and raise the section to its full height. They are light weight and easy to transport because they roll up neatly and slide into any area the length and width of the model. There are different sizes, shapes and colors from which to choose.

Modular exhibit units come in an assortment of sizes and shapes, which connect to each other, and form a larger area for showing products. They are usually covered with some type of fabric, and could be used to pin up such items as necklaces and information, or drape scarfs over them for display. These units can be made to store easily, and the panels can lay flat on top of each other for transport.

Custom displays can be made to order for any size, shape or description, and any type of materials might be used, depending on the purpose for which they are needed. Whether the units are intended for a fixed store front, or to be used in attending trade shows, they can be created to suit the exact purpose and available floor space. In these cases there are two standard types.

Glass and metal units are like those most jewelry stores use, and are made with choices of metals. They can also have different types of glass, which might include frosted accents, and different colors of tint. These are usually thought of as stationery modules, which may be disassembled, and moved to different locations. They are clean with straight line appearance, and glass is used for at least three sides.

Wooden cases can provide a look of elegance and charm, and might be styled like the old fashioned general store, or more modern choices. They can be wood frames with glass panels, or they might be units which assemble into mix and match shelf sizes. These can easily be taken apart for transport, and provide sturdy and durable service for many years to come.

Custom displays can make the difference in your store or booth looking different than all of the others. With a little planning and design ideas, creativity can take over where plain ordinary show casing leaves off. Whether the need is for trade show, or permanent installations, there could be an assortment of possibilities from which to choose.

Post time: 03-17-2017