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At ABR Imagery we have a lot of different sheet glass, most of this glass is from Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon, and it’s all fusible as well you can make stained glass with it, you can cut different pieces either thin or thick.

We have different thicknesses, some of these pieces are as thin as 1.5-1.6 milimeter, with the rest usually around 2 or 3 milimeter.

We have a large volume of dichrylic glass here at ABR Imagery. We have everything from pattern glass from CBS Coatings, to rainbow sheets, and even solid colors. One of my favorites is copper-cyan or blue-gold.

We have a lot of different kinds of tools for holding glass, different size joint holders, and all the parts to connect your hoses together. We have a lot of different kiln shelf, kiln parts, kiln posts, and everything you would need to reach in a kiln including tweezers that are short, long, big, small.

We carry a large amount of bead release, mandrills, everything you need to make beads, glass beads, paper weights, and any type of glass artwork.

We have everything from paragon kilns to northstar color, just give us a call, we can help you.

Store: http://www.abrimagery.com/store/ — Blog: http://www.abrimagery.com/

Post time: 05-26-2017