Acrylic Display – A Durable and Convenient Way to Show Off Your Products

Acrylic displays in the form of cabinets, cases and shelves are a popular means to display products. Acrylic is widely used to make display stands for multiple or individual products. It has slowly but surely displaced the traditional wood, glass and metal displays, as it combines their advantages and has none of the disadvantages associated with the individual materials.

Acrylic has become a substitute material for glass. Acrylic display has all the advantages of a glass display and none of the disadvantages. It is a clear plastic, thus it looks like glass. It is lighter, sturdier and stronger than glass. Glass displays are a delicate lot prone to breaking, whereas an acrylic display is really strong.

Acrylic is a highly versatile form of plastic and can be molded, sawed and shaped into any desired shape and size. This makes it the material of choice. Since it can take any form and shape acrylic can be personalized to suit a product of choice.

Acrylic display is comparatively an economic option as it is not as expensive as the other materials used. The display can be made and transported in parts, thus reducing transportation costs also. These displays are easy to assemble and can be easily assembled by the user. Larger display-cases are stand free in nature and do not need metal /wooden supports or frames.

The acrylic sheets can be polished to give the smooth look of glass. It can also be beveled. The cases can be made air tight by a simple sealing process. It is also easy to maintain as minor scratches can be polished away. Acrylic sheets are very thin, about 3 mm. This gives more space in displays. The lack of frames and supports give a clear unhindered view of the products on display.

Acrylic display can be used to maximum advantage for any product imaginable. It is easily adapted to enhance the display. These kinds of displays are made in many styles like racks, stand, holders, wall mounts, plate displays, rotating cases and risers. These can be used to perfection for displaying brochures, footwear, watches, apparel, eyewear, cosmetics, jewelry and even food items.

They are also a convenient option for household use. Acrylic displays are used for artifacts, books, trophies, etc. It is also being increasingly used to make products like candle displays, napkin holders, cigarette cases, tissue holders, etc. Acrylic is easily painted and thus can be decorated to make the display more attractive.

Acrylic displays are a great choice for any business. Attractive to look at, maintenance free, economical and easily adapted acrylic is a better option than wood, glass and metal. Choose a suitable style to display your products in an appealing manner.

Post time: 06-08-2017