Adding Shelving to Your Home

Adding shelf units to the different areas of your home can make a big difference. Clutter can make a home look messy and uncared for. If your belongings are not organized and properly stored, you won’t be able to find them promptly when you need them. The level of frustration in a home without enough storage and shelving is usually high. Countless minutes wasted looking for things that are not in a good place really add up over the months and years.

There are several types of good storage for your home. You can have closets, dressers, cabinets, armoire, chests and shelves. They all have their places and uses in your home. Closets are great for hanging things and bulky items we want out of site. Some closets need to be combined with shelving to be most useful. Dressers and armoire are great for clothing we like stored folded and for linens of various kinds. Cabinets can be free standing or built in like kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They have shelves inside them, but store things behind closed doors and in drawers. They are good for all those things we use often, but want out of site or to protect from dust. Cabinets are great for dishes, pots and pans, silverware, office supplies, correspondence, tools and collections. They are also good for things we use once in a while like vases or accessories.

Shelving is the most versatile and inexpensive of the storage options for your home, business or garage.  Shelves can be fancy, plain or utilitarian and they can be cheap or more expensive depending on materials and design. Shelves are fixed or adjustable and made in many materials. They can be made like free standing racks to store things like building materials and cartons. This type of storage can be very heavy duty, made of steel for industrial use like warehouse shelves, or glass and chrome for retail or home shelf units.

Shelving can be made of boards and bricks or built in like open cabinetry in living rooms and studies. Open shelves can display art as well as hold books and office supplies, glassware and food or cookware. This type of storage can be made to fit any space from tiny to very large. You can have one shelf or a whole wall, floor to ceiling.

Post time: 10-03-2017