Alternatives to Plastic – Wooden Basket Displays

Clear plastic containers are probably the most common kinds of dispensers in retail settings, and for good reason: They help organize, display, and store your merchandise as well as offer customers a clear view of and easy access to the items for sale. These kinds of containers are generally inexpensive as well as versatile and sturdy. Plus, they’re available in an assortment of colors, which makes it easy to create attractive displays.

However, wooden basket displays offer a rustic, visual appeal that plastic containers just can’t achieve and they work perfectly in every kind of store or restaurant setting.

Wooden Baskets Offer Versatility

Wooden baskets can stand alone, which allows you to arrange them however you want, wherever you want! Depending on your store or restaurant, you might only need to use a few baskets positioned together or throughout the establishment. Or, you might need several baskets and prefer to attach them rotating racks of various sizes ideal for floor or counter top displays.

Ideas for Using Wooden Basket Displays

Regardless of the kind of store or restaurant you’re working with, there are numerous ways you can use wooden basket displays. Consider these possibilities:

  • Rotating basket tree racks are ideal for organizing and displaying various different kinds of wrapped candies. Consider adding an aluminum scoop to each basket for extra charm and convenience.
  • If your store or restaurant sells wines or other spirits, you can use wooden baskets standing alone or as part of a revolving tree rack to organize and display the bottles. This is an especially great idea for establishments that sell wines from local vineyards.
  • Greenhouses and garden shops can use wooden baskets for organizing and offering different kinds of seeds and bulbs. If your seeds or bulbs aren’t already packaged, be sure to include an aluminum scoop for convenience.
  • Grocery stores and farmers markets can use these baskets for their fruits and vegetables. If you sell fruit and vegetable cleaning solutions, you might also want to hold these in a nearby basket.
  • Convenience stores can choose wooden baskets over plastic containers for holding candy, small children’s toys, travel-sized hygiene products, and other convenience items like lighters, key chains, and eyeglasses repair kits. Counter racks are great for convenience stores, but larger stores can also use rotating floor racks for their baskets.
  • Wooden basket displays are great in specialty shops. Use them to organize bottles of scented oils, candles, potpourri, tarts, and incense.
  • Hobby shops can use these baskets to organize, display, and store craft materials like glue, glitter, beads, figurines, markers, paint, and brushes.
  • Fabric stores can use wooden baskets for spools of textiles, thread, sewing needles, thimbles, stencils, yarn, lace, and ribbons. You can use large baskets that stand alone or are attacked to a floor rack, or you might want to use smaller baskets you can attach to revolving counter racks.
  • Any store in a popular tourist area can use these basket displays to hold souvenirs. These souvenirs might include everyday items that feature the area’s name or they might even include edible items specific to certain areas like saltwater taffy.

Post time: 10-01-2017