Amzdeal 5 Watch Box Leather 6 Grids Display Case Jewelry Box

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welcome to my newest review
first of all this is a great watch box,yet a simple design
its made from mdf so its structually strong and in my opinion
not going to fall apart in 5 minutes,its not made from a genuine
leather but it does feel tough and durable,i think what makes this
stand out more is the perfect white stitching all the way
around with a nice chrome fastening clasp is a slimline design
and can hold up to a total of 5 mens or ladies watches with
6 extra slots for holding earrings,rings and even cufflinks

overall,its inexspenive but well made,great to keep all
your watches and jewellery together with a nice clear glass window
so you can have them all on display
happy to recommend

the measurments of the amzdeal watch box are as follows:
4 inches thick and 11 and a 1/2 inches in length and
3 inches tall

nice display box

Post time: 07-20-2017