An Overview of Cardboard Displays

A cardboard display is a tool which allows you to promote or advertise products, services, announce events, as well as inform interested parties about them. It can be used in a trade fair, retail store, convention, school or even a place of worship. It serves as a brilliant visual element to go with a verbal presentation.

In general, a cardboard display is designed to be an object that can stand by itself. The material used in creating the display is heavy paper that can hold up well for a long period of time. The actual cardboard display is based on the purpose of displaying it and the amount of time it is supposed to stay in place.

Cardboard displays commonly come in the form of cardboard cut outs. These are commonly used in theaters as a way to advertise movies that are presently being shown at the movie house, or films that will be showing soon. This type of cardboard display can be used together with posters as an additional visual element to invite more clients, or further boost their intention to watch the movie in the near future. These cardboards are durable and usually come in full color. At times, they are laminated. To stand well, these cut-outs are supported by a heavy paper stick or cardboard material of the same grade.

Schools and places of worship use another type of cardboard display, which they only need for a short period of time. This is often designed with 2 to 4 panels, which can be set on top of a table or stand with the matching support. This visual display element is best used in science fairs, or for inviting students to join a specific club on the school campus. These products can also be used in places of worship to provide information about the different ministries, as well as the future activities that the general public can join.

Though trade shows may require a type of material that is more hard-wearing than the usual cardboard display panels, heavy cardboard can come in handy during trade shows and job fairs that only intend to stay from just a few hours to a day. Displays can be laminated and even include text and graphics to make them look more appealing to those who attend these trade shows. In addition to this, the tabletop counterpart can easily be set up in a few minutes, and is easier to transport to and from the venue with minimal effort.

People who need plain cardboard displays can purchase them from stores that sell school and office supplies. On the other hand, there are printers that give them the option to design a permanent layout for the colors and graphics of their display, which they can use for different presentations. Customized displays certainly come with a higher price tag, but they are the best choice when it is not practical to use a collapsible cardboard display.

Post time: 08-12-2017