Applying the Tutor Saliba Learning Method to Increase Business Sales

In the education world, the Tutor Saliba Learning Method is becoming more popular as teachers discover more information about how individual students learn. This teaching method caters to people who learn all different ways: by seeing, hearing and speaking the information. While it’s primarily used in classrooms, this learning method can be applied to nearly any business and this article outlines how retail stores can make it work to increase sales.

Using The Tutor Saliba Learning Method To Incorporate Visual Displays

In the Tutor Saliba Learning Method, the atmosphere and room’s decor are just as important as a lecture in a classroom. To adapt the learning method into a retail business, you should focus on signage throughout the store. Too many retail stores waste space that could be used efficiently. Display signs that hang from the ceiling have been proven to increase sales by as much as 30% in some retail markets.

Signs should be changed at least once a quarter to maximize their effectiveness. Signs can be horizontal or vertical, but should be large enough to be seen from at least 20 feet away. If your retail space is on the smaller side, limit signs so the space is uncluttered. Too many signs means they are ignored.

In addition to hanging signs from the ceiling, businesses can also place murals on the walls, above the shelves. The mural can reinforce the business’s brand or products carried in the store. Each of these visual displays uses the Tutor Saliba Learning Method to increase sales, without a lot of effort from the business.

Using The Speaker System To Apply The Tutor Saliba Method

Too many businesses use background music as just what its name applies – background. Instead of turning on a satellite radio station, consider piping in a specific sales message. The message can be about special sales, new products or any other information customers may find useful.

Some customers may tune the message out, however, using this learning method means that approximately 35% will listen. If even half of these people try the products you’ve focused, your sales have increased.

Encouraging Employee/Customer Interaction

The third type of learner highlighted in the Tutor Saliba Learning Method learns by speaking. This can be a little more difficult to incorporate into a retail store, but can be done. Employees should do their best to interact with customers more than the normal greetings. If employees can start a dialogue about products and services the store offers, customers who learn by saying information out loud will be more likely to remember highlighted products.

Learning doesn’t have to be strictly academic. Customers need to retain and remember information about your store and products in order for your business to succeed. By trying to cater to people who retain information by seeing, hearing and speaking it, your sales will likely increase with minimal effort.

Post time: 07-14-2017