Ardyss Showcase International

Multilevel marketing has long been an option for a lot of homemakers and others who like the idea of being their own boss. Housewives have sold bowls, jewelry and makeup with great success. We will examine how to do an Ardyss showcase using some of the same strategies. The key to hosting a successful party is to never forget it is a business. Dress for the occasion in your best business attire. Make the setting casual yet semi formal. Have all your preparations and displays set up before the guest arrive. The use of nametags is appropriate as not all guests will know one another.

Refreshments should be served at some point, but you should keep in mind that it is a business opportunity not a dinner party. Serve items that are not messy and that require minimal clean up. The food should not be of such a quantity as to become the focal point of the evening. Have applications and sales forms arranged so that they are within reach. If you are planning a party game for prizes have all the components for this in one area. The evening should be designed to flow seamlessly from one event to the next. You should also have party information available in case others want to know how to do an Ardyss showcase for themselves.

As a representative of the company what you do at your Ardyss International Showcase will reflect on the guest perception of the Company as a whole. Getting your family and friends to see that this is a professional event is up to you. Your familiarity with the products is one way to show that you are a committed professional. The success is in the details and you can bet you will get asked quite a few questions about the product line and the company. The key to knowing how to do an Ardyss Showcase is preparation. Be prepared for anything and your showcase will be a great success.

Also keep in mind the more the better. When inviting, approximately only 50% will show. Be sure to invite more than your goal. It is easy to cause a stir of excitement when one or two are excited to get started. It’s a physiological thing that happens when someone see’s someone else excited and ready to join. You will have more sign ups because of it so don’t be shy with the number of people you invite.

Post time: 06-01-2017