Back to School Haul! School Supplies and Clothes!!

Hey guys! It’s Jamie and Kayleigh, and today, Kayleigh filmed a back to school haul video! This is our second back to school video, so let’s try to get this video to 17 likes and 150 views! And now, we are trying to get to 200 subscribers! So tell your friends because we love getting new subscribers! And comment when you guys go back to school! :)

Store & Clothing Links

Office Depot:


American Eagle Clothes-

Soft Patterned Shorts:

Denim Shorts:

Black & White Striped Skirt:

Black Tee: (I don’t think this is the exact one, but it looks exactly like it!)

Forever 21 Clothes-

Varsity Tee:

White Cardigan:

Rue 21 Clothes-

Floral Baseball Tee:

Soft Black & White Shorts: (I couldn’t find the actual shorts that I bought online, but here is a link to soft shorts that are also super cute!)

Kohl’s Clothes-

Blue Soft Shorts:

Gray & Black Top:


White Converse:

North Face/Amazon-

Backpack: (I ordered the backpack from Amazon, but the brand is North Face, so here are the links to the product on Amazon and the North Face website.)

Vera Bradley-

Lunch Box: (The pattern I got my lunch box is actually sold out on the Vera Bradley website, but this is the style it is in!)


Curl Jam Set:
*The coupon code is FBOMG, and I got the coupon from Retail Me Not! Obviously since we are small youtubers, this video is not sponsored, but I just thought I would put it out there!*

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We love you guys so much, and we will see you in our next video!

Post time: 10-03-2017