Bakery Display Cases

Display cases lend a neat and inviting look to a bakery. They highlight all of the tasty treats that a bakery offers. Bakery display cases are made of welded steel, aluminum or other metal frames. The metal body is usually melded with glass and acrylic. The cases are transparent and may be lightly shaded to allow a customer a clear view of all the delicious pies, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Most pastry display cases are custom made to order, because different shops sell different bakery products and have different needs. A number of cases have special top shelf lights that help highlight the best items delectable items in the bakery. Some bakery owners add small, mountable wall cases if their floor space is limited. Larger items like cakes and breads fit nicely into these wall mountings.

In order to increase the impact of bakery display cases, they are connected with light fittings. This could include vertical front lights and interior lights that are available with safety shields. A number of these cases are fitted with brown bulbs. This provides a warm and golden tint to bakery products and is commonly used in a large number of bakeries.

Depending upon requirements, people may opt for refrigerated or non-refrigerated bakery display cases. A number of these cases are available with matching trays to display products. Some cases are designed with built-in tissue dispensers. These cases have sliding or hinge doors that are airtight and prevent moisture from collecting and helps maintain temperatures. This is an absolute necessity to retain freshness of bakery products.

Post time: 02-07-2017