Beer Glasses Part One – Goblets, Chalices, Oversize Wine Glass, Flutes, Snifter and Tulip Glasses

Before getting into the beer industry I was probably much like many other drinkers, I thought that you just drank beer out of what ever glass was available and that different beer glassware was more of a marketing ploy. However, after appreciating various beers in different beer glasses for a while now I thought I would write something about them. This first article reviews six different beer glasses – all of which are stemmed, much like a wine glass.


Chalices or Goblets are large and bowl shaped with the only real difference between the two being the glass thickness. Typically, Goblets are more delicate and thin while Chalices are thick and heavy. Further to this some Chalices are etched on the bottom to provide a beading or carbonation point, creating a stream of bubbles for maintaining a nice head.

Chalice / Goblet Advantages: Designed to maintain head and ideal for wide mouthed sips. Beer aroma is not trapped in and therefore easily detected by the drinker.

Suitable for: Belgian styled Ales


While some might find it weird to use an oversized wine glass for drinking beer they are actually perfectly suited for serving Belgian Ales. Much like a Goblet or Chalice the size of the glass assists in the creation and releasing of the aroma.

Oversized Wine Glass Advantage: Good replacement for a Tulip or Goblet glass.

Suitable for: European and Belgian Ales, IPA


The Flute glass is the preferred serving vessel for Belgian lambics and fruit beers. They aid in displaying carbonation, sparkling colour and soft lacing distinct to these beer styles. Key difference between the Flute Glass and Champaign glass is the length of the stem – Flute Glasses often have a shorter stem.

Flute Glass Advantages: Showcases carbonation. Releases aromas quickly, allowing a more intense initial aroma.

Suitable for: European Pilsners, German Lagers, German Ales, Lambics


While typically used for brandy and cognac, the Snifter is ideal for serving strong ales. The glass has a wide bowled body and is stemmed. Again similar to Goblets the aroma is not restricted however snifters are easier to swirl.

Snifter Advantage: Captures and enhances aroma.

Suitable for: European Ales, Lambics, IPA


The Tulip glass helps trap aroma and maintain head, creating a visual and olfactory sensation. The glass has a bulbous mid section with the top flaring out to form a lip which aids in head retention. The Tulip beer glass is often considered to be the great all rounder for ales.

Tulip Advantage: Traps and enhances volatiles, while provoking and supporting large foamy heads.

Suitable for: EuropeanAles, Lambics, IPA

So as you can tell there is a reason for selecting a different beer glass dependent on the beer – and this is just among stemmed beer glasses!

Post time: 06-05-2017