Best 4 Things About a Custom Furniture Maker

There’s no doubt that a custom cabinet maker is the best answer to your quest for a new look for your home. If you choose a local one, then you can discuss your needs face-to-face, and he or she will understand the space limitations and how best to utilize the space.

First of all custom cabinet makers know their trade and want to get more business, so they are unlikely to do a shoddy job as they rely on word of mouth advertising which is considered the best. A local cabinet maker is by far the best bet. A custom cabinet maker will measure up the space available for cabinets and if you have curved walls, he or she will be able to deign a cabinet to fit perfectly into them, so that there is no wasted space. You are unlikely to find other cabinets that will fit so snugly.

Another thing that makes a custom cabinet maker your best choice is that if you inform him or her of your budget limit, then time will not be wasted while you sift through designs which you can’t afford. He or she will advise you on your best choice of wood, and surfaces and finishes. The custom furniture maker will see if the room is dark and ill suggest ways of countering this such as having glass panels in doors which will reflect the light and which can have integral lighting if you want it. Seeing the room where the cabinets are to be housed will help enormously and you can sit and discuss your options with the custom furniture maker so that you have the best advice and can make an informed decision about your custom furniture patterns.

A custom cabinet builder can actually help you save money as the cabinets will fit exactly and not have to be trimmed when they get to your house. They will be delivered more quickly usually than if you were to opt for semi-custom cabinets and they will fit. If you are dissatisfied then you can speak directly with your cabinet maker, who, if he/she is local will take pains to sort out any problems immediately, which is more than you can expect from customer services at a store. The cabinet maker may also be able to dispose of your old cabinets for you and may have them recycled by donating them to Stardust. Did you know that if you donate old cabinets to them you will be given a receipt which you can use to get a tax deduction?

Most furniture builders have green credentials and you can check on this before you hire a custom cabinet maker. Green cabinet makers recycle sawdust and use wood that has been felled in a sustainable program, so your new cabinets will not harm the environment. If you buy semi-custom or ready made cabinets, your carbon footprint will increase as most so not have green credentials.

Employing the services of a custom cabinet maker means that you will have the best craftsmanship and as little harm will be done to the environment as possible. What more could you ask for?

Post time: 09-05-2017