Best Uses of Gridwall and Slatwall

Gridwall and slatwall are popular with retail store owners for good reason. You can use your creativity to make either one fit your needs. Here we will discuss some of the best ways that you can utilize gridwall or slatwall to make the most of your investment.

Gridwall is very inexpensive, sturdy, and can be reconfigured to build just about any type of display or showcase. Furthermore, it breaks down into flat sections. These can be easily stashed in your storeroom, hung on a wall or stashed in a ceiling bracket for storage. You can change up your displays often and store unused pieces very easily, without taking up much space.

Gridwall is great for creating different wall configurations for merchandising your inventory. It is easy to install. You can purchase all kinds of accessories that hang from each grid. There are hanging rods, hat displays, baskets, shelves, hooks, tubing and more that can be used to display clothing and accessories. There are also acrylic accessories for displaying signage, brochures, flyers, magazines and shoes.

Another thing you can do with gridwall is to build merchandisers or showcase accessories. With a rolling or stationary base, legs and clips, you can create a custom rack for displaying clothing or accessories. These are really versatile and help satisfy all of your display and showcase needs through changing seasons, promotions and changing inventory.

You can also create free-standing displays, such as t-shirt cubes, towers, department dividers, or shelving. Simply clip together the pieces that are the size that you need. Clips hold pieces securely together, so you don’t have to worry about the things that you create being flimsy or weak. Gridwall is so versatile and so sturdy that many retail stores only need gridwall to stock their entire store.

Another option is slatwall. Slatwall is installed as a permanent wall fixture and should be done by a professional to ensure that it is securely anchored and will not later fall down. The grooves on slatwall will hold more weight if you get the metal inserts to go in them. You can easily hang all different kinds of slatwall accessories. Much like gridwall, you can hang bars, hooks, shelves and more. There are so many accessories for slatwall that you are sure to find something to display just about anything.

Some retailers prefer the clean look of slatwall. It looks more like a painted wall than gridwall, but really it just depends on your personal preference. Gridwall and slatwall are both very versatile display options and are sure to help you meet your display needs.

Post time: 05-01-2017