Big Plastic Containers Can Be Used For Toy Display and Storage

Toy stores: kids love them, and parents… well, let’s just say parents tolerate them, and leave it at that.

The very thing that kids love about toy stores is what adults have trouble with–lots of choices. There are toys on the shelves, toys on the floor, toys in the air, toys mixed in with other toys, toys in the wrong place, toys with the wrong price tags… it becomes difficult for a parent to navigate through the aisles without feeling like he or she is going crazy.

That’s why, if you own or manage your own toy store, you should consider using big plastic containers for toy display and storage. Keeping the store organized will help the children to focus and the parents to feel as if they’re in control.

Here are five easy ways your toy store can get organized using big plastic containers.

  1. Countertop Displays. A checkout counter, like any other area of the store, should be clean and inviting. Consider big plastic containers with chocolates, peppermints, or little packages of cookies; adults on a diet might not want a whole candy bar, but they’ll still toss a Hershey’s Kiss in with their purchases now and then.
  2. Impulse Buys. Display some toys in the checkout lane. Give the kids something to look at, something to ask for, while Mom and Dad are waiting in line. Fish bowls full of balloons, hexagon jars with gumballs and Pez dispensers, and bins full of speciality or promotional items will attract kids’ attention and are easy for parents to toss on top of the pile.
  3. Eye-level Displays. Fish bowls, acrylic bins, and other big plastic containers can be stacked one on top of the other, putting them at parents’ eye level, or set side-by-side so kids can see them. Consider purchasing some display racks to hold these containers. Kids will see a veritable cornucopia of toys, and parents might happen upon the perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas.
  4. Back room organization. Don’t organize the stockroom once a year… keep it organized with big plastic containers. Storage is a necessary component of organization. Have your small toys and impulse items in one place, the larger toys in another. And have plenty of plastic containers on hand in the office for files, reports, and invoices. Never lose anything again.
  5. Selling in Bulk. Schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, churches, and many other religious and civic organizations like to buy small toys in bulk, to pass out as party favors and stocking stuffers. Make it easy for them to transports their purchases; have plenty of big plastic containers on hand.

If you’re a toy store owner, big plastic containers for toy display and storage are a must-have for your shop. You’ll appeal to both the kids who want your merchandise and the adults who pay for it!

Post time: 09-14-2017