Bought It Wholesale | 4005-two Road Mild Fixture Overview

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The 4005-two Road Mild is double arm and crafted in particular for professional qualities. Designed out of aluminum, it is tough furthermore has a water proof excellent.

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4005-two Road Mild Fixture Overview FAQ

(Q)Does the 4005-two Road Mild appear in a secure package to stay away from harm?
(A)Yes. See listed here:

(Q)How numerous fixtures should really appear with the shipment?
(A)Two. See listed here:

(Q)Are the panes manufactured of glass?
(A)No. See listed here:

(Q)Does the fixture prime appear with mounting screws?
(A)Yes. See listed here:

(Q)Where by will I mount the two 4005-two Road Mild Fixtures?
(A)On a double arm. See listed here:

(Q)What quantities should really I contact to get further more data?
(A)See listed here:

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