Branding With Window Displays

A good window display will be eye catching, informative, unique, and help to solidify your brand with your customers. Making the most of your window displays is a good investment of your time and money. First impressions are so important in the retail industry. Pedestrian traffic and should be able to glance at your window display and get a good idea of what you’re all about as well as what promotions you have going on within a couple of seconds. Use these tips to make sure that you’ve considered every angle when creating your displays so that you can promote your brand.

1) Concentrate on your brand image when you’re deciding which clothing to display. Your store may carry many different styles of clothing, so don’t just use your latest and greatest in the window. That is, of course, unless your latest and greatest really does communicate to the customers what is typical of clothing throughout the rest of the store. Using one great item in the window might get people to come inside, but then if the rest of the store doesn’t match the quality or style of that window display, people will be put off. You want to avoid people being disappointed or feeling betrayed once they enter the store.

2) Getting good, long-term, repeat customers is every retailer’s goal. Remember that each customer’s experience is important. The goal of creating a good experience for a customer is to have them go out and spread the word about how stylish your clothing was or how great your customer service was. In order to do that, you need to build confidence with that initial window display. Communicate the price range by using signage, lighting, and more. Bright lights and big signs make your customer feel like your prices will be low. More creative lighting, intricate displays and more subdued signage communicate that the customer should expect higher prices when they come inside.

3) Communicate the benefits of your products over features to quickly get shoppers into the mindset that they might want to shop and purchase something in your store. For example, your sign could say “Striped Chenille Sweaters 20% Off” or it could accentuate the benefits of buying that sweater by saying something like “Cozy Chenille Sweaters are the Perfect Gift for the One You Want to get Cozy With” and suddenly you’ve done something. You’ve made your customer imagine what it would be like to wear the sweater or cuddle up to their significant other on Christmas.

4) Make sure that the rest of your store is arranged in a similar fashion to your window displays. All of the displays in your store should have focal points that communicate your brand image. This is easy to do on slatwall displays. Slatwall panels can fit anywhere, helping you to save room, but the real advantage to slatwall is that you can create mini-displays all over the store. Each one is easy to see from far away and you can hone in on the products that do you the most good. Slatwall accessories make it easy to rearrange displays and feature different products whenever you need.

Post time: 06-18-2017