Build A Burial Flag Display Case For Your Loved One’s Memorial Flag

Do you have a loved one that served in the United States armed forces that has recently passed away? Did your family receive a burial flag from the Department of Veteran Affairs? This beautiful flag honors the memory of the one who has served their country in the armed services.

The burial flag is made from 100% cotton. The burial flag is not intended to be flown because of the stresses of being on the flag pole can and will cause it to tear quite easily. It is better to show case it in a burial flag display case.

There are many places where you can purchase a burial flag display case to store the flag in. There are many different designs. The most common that I have seen is the triangle display case that is the same size as the folded burial flag. If you are handy and enjoy woodworking, consider building your own burial flag display case from these plans.

Have you ever wondered how to fold an American Flag into that nice neat triangle that shows off the blue union so nicely? Here is a step by step instruction on how to fold and American flag. This is easiest with two people.

1) Holding the flag on the narrow side, fold the lower edge of the strips over the union field.

2) The folded edge is again folded over the striped side. After this fold, the union field is visible on both sides of folded flag.

3) Start the triangular fold on the stripped end fold the lower left corner over to the open edge.

4) The outer point is now turned inwards toward the union field. This forms the second triangle.

5) Repeat steps three and four until the entire flag is folded and only the blue union field is visible.

Post time: 03-27-2017