Build a Hand Plane – Wall Mount Rack

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Making more room in my woodworking cabinet meant moving all my hand planes out and hanging them one the wall, something I should have done years ago … oh well …
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It seems that almost every workshop I go into, I see a lovely display of their hand planes on a special rack mounted to the wall. I have always loved this idea but never really got around to doing the same for my planes. I have often wondered is it displaying hand planes or are they there because they are handier to use. Well, with some recent “adjustments” in my woodworking shop I have noticed that the drawer space in my main storage cabinet has getting quite short. Time to move something out to make more room for other things. It seemed to me that the planes, which all have to be stored on their sides because we don’t want to dull or chip the blades, were taking up an inordinate amount of space. What a perfect time to move them out of the drawer and on to the wall. I reasoned that it would also help to make my shop “look” more like a woodworking shop. I’m not sure that it does, but I love having the extra drawer now, it has made life much easier, less cluttered and easier to find a number of tools and accessories that I use quite often. On the other hand, having my planes plain sight now, means, for some reason, I am using them more often and not just my favorite plane, I am using all of them more. I don’t think there is anything in the work shop … that to me … is more woodworking than the sound of a sharp plane, skimming off a fine layer of wood, and the odor of that wood, how it permeates the workshop. The sound and smell of real, traditional woodworking …

Post time: 07-25-2017