Buying a Used Car – Part 5: The Paperwork

Are you looking for a used vehicle?

Part 5 of this series discusses the paperwork, formalities and techniques in negotiating once you’ve settled on a used car. Negotiation and price are the biggest hassles of buying a new or used car.

The video will take you through a discussion on the various kinds of pricing in industry (wholesale vs retail), where a vehicle is purchased (auction, used car dealer, new car dealer or private sale) and checking the title of the car to make sure it matches the vehicle and the car isn’t branded, salvaged or has any registered liens. Furthermore purchasing a used car information report, carproof or carfax accident reports and looking at past service records is discussed.

Factors affecting insurance rates are also touched upon.

Some tips on negotiation, including setting your price, timing, ignoring dealer fluff, purchasing warranties, avoiding unnecessary fees, spotting shady excuses, trade-ins, purchasing accessories from the dealer are presented.

Finally once the vehicle is purchased, it must undergo an emission test and pass a safety certification before you are ready to accept the keys and drive away.

Buying a used vehicle can be one of the largest purchases you make in your life. Significant savings can be had by purchasing a used car over a new car, however don’t neglect to inspect the vehicle thoroughly in order to avoid significant headaches down the road.

This six part used vehicle buying guide covers:
1) Exterior inspection
2) Mechanical Inspection
3) Interior Inspection
4) Road Test
5) The Paperwork & Procedures
6) After You Buy

This video was shot with a Canon Rebel EOS T5i DSLR and a Canon PowerShot SX130IS camera.

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Post time: 09-19-2017