Buying Thomasville Kitchen Cabinets – A Good Reason to Splurge

Looking for home furniture should never be difficult specifically because of the availability of the Thomasville product line. Since 1904, this company has been known for its excellent furniture. Currently, Thomasville kitchen cabinets give you more choices to embellish your home and make your kitchen more useful.

Thomasville focuses both on developing the products and maintaining their quality and there are specific home improvement centers that construct and retail the furniture. The items made are outstanding cabinetries in unique Thomasville designs and furniture-like creations. In fact, the cabinets of Thomasville are designed to match their furniture line.

Cabinet Features

Cabinetries from Thomasville are quite customizable. You can purchase them in standard cabinet sizes then you can configure them to fit your kitchen space. This gives you a beneficial option instead of buying custom cabinets that can be really expensive.

You can also buy add-ons with your cabinet such as plate racks, toe-kick drawer, snap-out storage space to be installed in the front part of the kitchen sink, and even display shelves. In addition, you can pick from several wood materials with various wood stain finishes. If you want something that is easy to clean, it’s best to go for Thomasville kitchen cabinets with a laminate finish.

You can surely improve the overall look and ambiance of your kitchen with their prolific cabinet finishes. You can order elegant arches, crown moldings, and beadboard accents, which will give your kitchen a beautiful yet very purposeful look and feel. While you may not realize it, when you try to sell your house, potential purchasers take the appearance and functionality of the kitchen into consideration. Therefore, installing Thomasville cabinets will definitely boost the value of your home.

Cabinet Retailers

Home Depot and Expo Design Centers are the only retail stores where Thomasville cabinetries are available. Thomasville has been known for providing high quality kitchen cabinets. Actually, the company warrants their product line’s quality by offering lifetime warranties on material defects and workmanship.

You should note though that the warranties will only be accepted for free service or replacement depending on how you use the cabinet and if you are the original customer who purchased the cabinets. But because the craftsmanship and customer service are superior, when you buy Thomasville cabinetries, you will conclusively obtain high quality furniture that is built to last.

The only problem that you may come across with Thomasville kitchen cabinets is that you can only get them in Expo Design Centers and Home Depot. Some people have shown their dissatisfaction with the service from Expo Design Centers and Home Depot in their locality.

Post time: 05-22-2017