Cable Display Systems

The display industry has came a long way in the past few decades. New ways of displays products are being thought of everyday; we can’t just put things on a table and expect people to pay attention anymore. Out of the many innovative solutions to product displays, Cable Display Systems are become ever more popular in the retail market.

Cable Display Systems are essentially a series of cable wires, clamps, and panels arranged in a way to form shelves and support for retailers to display their products on. The beauty of these systems is that they are completely customizable. You can buy a main system to start with, and add additional parts to build around your initial set up as you want to expand your display. It’s the LEGO for retailers!

A basic cable display system consists of grippers attached to the ceiling and floor, cables wires fixed on the grippers, clamps attached to the cables, and panels to go into the clamps. With all four parts presents, you have the most versatile display system known to man! Adjust depth, width, and height as you please; there is no limit to what your system can look like.

With universal clamps, you can now also attach panels vertically instead of horizontally. Now you can even use your systems to display posters and light boxes. Think of the endless designs!

Finally, suspension systems are much more affordable than conventional counter-tops or display shelves. For the price of a regular retail shop counter-top, you can purchase a display system an entire store!

Post time: 10-11-2017