Candy Store Owners – Attractively Display Your Jelly Belly Candy

At first glance, you might not think there’s much difference between plastic candy containers and acrylic candy containers; however, the material actually is different and some candy stores are required by their state health departments to use acrylic when displaying unwrapped candy such as Jelly Belly candy.

Fortunately, there are plenty of attractive, functional, and convenient acrylic containers to choose from!

Acrylic Round Face Bins

Just as the name suggests, acrylic round face bins have a round “face” that’s actually a hinged lid customers can roll to open and that keeps your candy fresh and safe from dust and debris. Most of these kinds of bins come with a side slot designed to hold an acrylic, plastic, or metal scoop so customers can access the candy and retrieve the amount they want without contaminating the rest of it.

To add even more convenience, acrylic round face bins are available in versions designed to sit on your countertop or table display and versions designed to hang from your slatwall fixtures.

Acrylic Mini Bins

Acrylic mini bins are similar to round face bins with two differences: Their hinged lids aren’t round and, true to their name, they’re much smaller. Mini bins are perfect for displaying Jelly Belly candy in stores that aren’t dedicated to selling only candy, or for stores that want to create a small candy display in limited space.

Like round face bins, most mini bins are complete with slots to hold candy scoops.

Acrylic Candy Towers

Acrylic candy towers make creating a candy display fun! These kinds of “tubed” candy bins are available in a variety of heights as well in half-round and full-round models, which give you the freedom to mix and match and create your own look.

Acrylic candy towers work best for countertop candy displays or displays situated on any other kind of sturdy, flat surface.

Acrylic Gravity Bins

Acrylic gravity bins are amazing space savers. Like round face bins, you can find them in both countertop display and wall display versions.

If you’re not quite sure what an acrylic gravity bin is, think of the kinds of bins stores, hotels, and restaurants use to display food products like coffee beans and grinds, cereal, and trail mix – the kinds of bins that release the product when you turn a lever. (Generally, these kinds of gravity bins don’t require candy scoops).

Of course, those aren’t the only kinds of gravity bins – some don’t require levers. Instead, gravity works to keep the base of the container full. These kinds of gravity bins work best with scoops.

Post time: 06-26-2017