Cash Register Stand Allows Retailers to Make the Most out of Cramped Quarters

One of the biggest problems for most independent retailers is space- or more accurately, the lack of it. In the never ending quest to offer more to customers, we soon find ourselves offering less space to move around within our store. And that can cause big problems. One solution many retailers are turning to is cash register stands. By abandoning the large store counters of the past for simpler, smaller space saving cash register stands, retailers are saving space and making the most out of their available square footage.

Cash register stands give retailers the professional presence of a traditional checkout counter, without taking excessive space that could better be used to display additional products or allow for more free flowing in-store traffic. Most cash register stands have a flat front with shelving in the back where retailers still have space to store essentials.

For some retailers, it’s important to have a large and long countertop checkout area in the front of the store. But for retailers whose situation has forced them to value space over presence, a cash register stand can be a very valuable consideration for saving space and creating a more welcoming and open environment to entice and serve your customers.

Cash register stands are also very popular among seasonal retailers, including garden retailers and produce and pumpkin farms across the country. Cash register stands work well in this environment because they are portable, they take up very little space when in use, and they’ extremely easy to store. A traditional store counter simply isn’t versatile enough to be functional in garden retail spaces.

Retailers who are short on space can look to other areas of their store for solutions as well. Walls provide retailers with a number of options for displaying or storing products and freeing up the sales floor. There are a number of product display solutions that, if implemented creatively, will allow retailers to always make the most of their available space.

Post time: 09-26-2017