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China Slatwall Hook manufacturers, Slatwall Display Hooks, Supermarket Slatwall Hook, Metal Slatwall Hooks we offered that you can trust. Welcome to do business with us.

Slat wall hook used for slat wall display, and the suspension , easy for Installation, can be used for slot wall board, pegboard wall , crossbar square tube, slot channel , hanging column in places such as convenient, simple and beautiful, can be better show slat wall, variety ball etc.

The hook is installed in the slat wall board, pegboard wall, crossbar square tube column, slot channel, fixed, the product hanging on it. Jewelry for jewelry store display, supermarket merchandise display, show clothing store clothing, as well as other different purposes.

Our company’s products are of high quality and cheap price, excellent plating process, we produce the hook is not easy to rust, compared to other manufacturers, our products used much longer time, more affordable.

Our product used the high quality iron wire as raw materials, processed products blank, the product is polished, and then used the electroplating process for plating products excellent outer chrome or galvanized, or we can according to customer requirements, the surface of powder material, made of white or black hook.

Post time: 01-24-2017