Choose The Right Banner Stands Before You Design Your Banner

When you are designing a banner for your business advertising it’s tempting to launch straight in and concentrate on the graphics. Graphics are the most important focus of a visual tool like a banner after all. However there is an important preliminary step that shouldn’t be ignored for a successful banner. First of all decide on the right banner stands to display your banner.

Isn’t that like choosing the frame before you paint the picture? Not so much. There are several different types of banner stands available, each one with slightly different applications, so you will save yourself a lot of work later on if you know exactly which type you are designing your banner to fit.

Banner stands can be used in all sorts of advertising venues. Trade shows are one of the most frequent uses, but they can also be used at point of sale, outside stores, for pop-up shops and so on. Portability is a feature of most stands. Many will roll or fold up into a small carry-case and can be assembled in a minute or two.

The first decision to make when choosing your stands is whether you will be using them inside or outdoors. Obviously for outdoor use they need to be sturdier, built to withstand wind and weather. Typically these would be heavier based with a sturdy X shaped cross piece on the back.

If your banner stand is for indoor use then there are more decisions to make. Should your banner be static or scrolling? Scrolling banner stands are very popular in malls, outside shops and at trade shows. Effectively they allow you to display two images instead of one, scrolling between the images. The additional advantage is that movement catches the eye, so more people will be drawn to look at them. Scrolling stands can also be stopped to display a static image, some even having a remote control.

Another choice is between floor standing and ceiling hung banner stands. Floor-standing ones can be more flexible, especially for trade shows, but ceiling hung ones have the advantage of not taking up floor space and may be better for more permanent displays. This decision will also affect the design of the banner, the positioning of the text and so on.

Once you have decided on the banner stands that are best for your application, then you will have a better idea of the graphics needed to make the best of your banner.

Post time: 09-01-2017