Choosing Candy Jars – Plastic Or Glass?

When it comes to display containers for any kind of retail store or restaurant, the options seem endless. Candy jars are especially popular choices because they are so versatile. They can hold a multitude of different kinds of merchandise – not just candy – and when they’re empty you can simply refill them or use them for another purpose entirely.

However, even these kinds of jars present a variety of options, and – aside from size – perhaps the most important you should consider is the material. Do you need plastic candy containers, or glass candy jars? Which would work best for your store?

Consider the Location of the Display

Whether you’re displaying candy or another kind of small snack in your jars, chances are high that you’ll situate your display either on your store’s countertop or on a wire display rack. You might even place your candy jars on a wire display rack designed for countertop displays!

Wherever you plan to place your candy jar display, consider the area’s traffic. If you want to create a countertop display, but your countertop and register areas tend to stay crowded, plastic candy containers are your best bet. If you want to create a display on a wire display rack and situate it somewhere else in your store, make sure that location doesn’t experience a high number of customers at any given point during the day before you stack glass candy jars on the shelves; otherwise, you might want to go with plastic containers instead.

Consider Your Store’s Traffic

Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you choose to place your candy jar display; if your store tends to experiences a high volume of traffic during most business hours, for safety purposes it might be best to use plastic candy containers instead of glass candy jars.

However, if your store generally experiences a low volume of traffic – or if most of your customers are adults and not excited children – glass candy jars might be the best display option for you.

Consider Your Store’s Theme or Decor

While the first two factors you should consider – your store’s traffic and the location of the display – are extremely important because they deal with safety issues, this third factor to consider – your store’s theme or décor – is important on an entirely different level.

Most traditional kinds of retail stores – such as convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores – will choose plastic candy containers for candy displays. This is for two main reasons: One, these are high-traffic kinds of stores and plastic is less likely to break and injure someone if it falls from the display or a customer bumps into it, and two, these kinds of stores generally have a laid back atmosphere without any special “theme” or décor.

However, specialty shops such as gourmet candy stores or even bakeries, yogurt shops, or ice cream parlors that sell candy or other small snacks that can fit in jars often want their displays to exude a bit more charm. Glass candy jars are perfect was to achieve such a result.

Post time: 05-20-2017