Choosing Retail Hangers

Good hangers can help to brand your image. Well known brands, such as The North Face and Hatley, use high quality wooden hangers with their logo embossed on the front and back. Customers equate the quality of the hanger with the quality of the product. Making an up-front investment in wooden hangers, high quality metal hangers, satin hangers or slim-line hangers can help customers identify your name with a high quality product. Your business could greatly benefit from such an investment.

Hangers say a lot about quality. They show how much care you put into the details of your store. Hangers may seem like a small part of your marketing, but they can actually help you bring in more money. Customers are willing to pay more for items on wooden or high quality metal hangers as opposed to cheaper plastic hangers. This is because they associate the plastic hanger with the bargain basement store that has low quality merchandise. Or, they see the mess of wrinkled fabrics, tangled hangers, and packed clothing racks. Customers really do use their impressions and feelings about a store when determining how much money they are willing to spend on an item.

Nice hangers can help to protect your inventory. Cheap hangers have sharp edges, pinch points and can break easily. They can tear and snag fabrics of your inventory, costing you a substantial amount of money each year. Wire hangers bend and get tangled together. They have that exposed wire at the neck that can just destroy your inventory. Today’s metal hangers are very hard to bend and have no sharp points. They have a flat design that allows you to hang a lot of items in one place without the fear of them being misshapen or tangled together.

Hangers that tangle easily get crammed on to racks and look very unattractive. No one wants to struggle to shop for clothing in your store. Some hangers are shaped with a slight curve. This helps the shoulders of tops keep their shape, while keeping the hangers slightly separated on the bar. This helps give your store a welcoming, organized feel.

High quality hangers can save you a lot of money and hassle. They make a good impression on your customers. They keep your inventory safe from snags and wrinkles. They help you offer a neat and organized store. High quality hangers can help customers believe that you are selling them a quality product. High quality metal hangers are a lot sturdier than cheaply made wire hangers. Slim-line hangers, wooden hangers and satin hangers may also be right for you.

Stop replacing bent and broken hangers. Stop losing inventory and sales to wrinkles, damage or bad impressions. When you invest in the best, you will know that you have made a good decision.

Post time: 04-15-2017