Christmas Retail Displays

The holidays are a festive time and this should be reflected in your retail store displays. Decorating helps to put your customers in the Christmas spirit and can greatly affect your bottom line. Boost your Christmas sales and help to establish your store as the place that people want to go for their Christmas shopping. Learn how to satisfy the needs and wants of your customers during the holidays with these great tips and ideas from our retail display professionals.


Your windows are very powerful around this time of year. People tend to do a lot of window shopping to get ideas, learn where they will save money, and where they will find the most unique gifts. Your window displays are your opportunity to grab the attention of old and new customers alike. Use mannequins to encourage an emotional reaction from your potential customers. Think about what all will encourage people to buy and incorporate these ideas into your windows.


Once people are encouraged to enter, you need to continue the pull with decorations around your entryway. You should set up several displays within plain sight for customers entering the store. Tables and garment racks should be decorated with signs alerting them to sales, deals and promotions. Holiday themed merchandise and things that people would want to give as gifts should be prominently displayed.

Customer Service

Make sure that your sales associates are especially attentive this time of year. People may be stressed about money or time and can be overwhelmed with the number of gifts they need to find. A good associate should be able to tell when someone wants a quick answer or if they would like gift suggestions. Having someone available to help people the second they walk into the door and also in key areas throughout the store can really help you to make sales and a good impression.

Store Displays

Use slatwall to take advantage of the wall space in your store. Slatwall displays are easy to configure and update throughout the season. With just a few slatwall accessories you can create display areas that are focused and make shopping easy for your customers. Use slatwall acrylic display accessories to keep the focus on the product and away from your retail display hardware.


The checkout is a great place to make sure that customers have everything that they were looking for and to suggest stocking stuffers and other items that they may want to add on. Gift packages, like tool sets, make-up sets, mittens, candy, cards and more are great things to display at your checkout.

Post time: 02-19-2017