Clothing Store Fixtures

Clothing store fixtures help increase the sale of clothing. This also helps to bring in more customers. Mannequins and forms are used as clothing store fixtures. There are different types of mannequins and clothing forms.

Mannequins are made of different materials including wood, wax, fiberglass and plastic. Some mannequin store fixtures are set in one pose while some have adjustable arms and legs. The most common type of mannequin used in clothing business is life size mannequin. Torso mannequins are used to display shirts and blouses. Mannequin store fixtures are available for male, female and children in different sizes. Different models of mannequin store fixtures are hands on hip model, hands by side model, ethnic model and sandy series model.

Classic forms of mannequin store fixtures are made of natural wood bases. Mannequin head displays are used to display hats or wigs. Full round mannequins are used to display clothing in an inexpensive way.

Clothing forms are light-weight and durable. PVC forms are used as clothing store fixtures. PVC forms are inexpensive and heavy duty. Forms are available in hanging model or with adjustable stand model. Jersey forms are flexible mannequin forms. Flexible forms are more convenient than traditional mannequin store fixtures. Polyurethane jersey forms and flex kid forms are also available. Flexible tube forms can be bent shaped and twisted. Fabric covered arms and legs of tube form can be bent into any shape. Form store fixtures are available in both adult and children’s size.

Clothing hangers are also used to display clothing in an attractive way. There are plastic hangers, metal hangers and wooden hangers. Adult clothing hangers include suit hangers, pant hangers, blouse hangers etc. Children clothing hangers include top hangers, junior hangers and combo hangers.

Post time: 02-10-2017