CLSC Opens Its Doors in Fairfax, Los Angeles

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CLSC has opened its doors with a welcoming new location in Fairfax, Los Angeles. Founder Joshua Vides was in no rush to open a brick and mortar location, knowing that it had to make sense for the brand first. But its location of Fairfax and Rosewood was a match, and putting in 100 percent effort in the venture has surely paid off. With an interior that is crisp and clean, everything from the walls to fixtures aims to propel the brand and enhance its timelessness. Commemorating the event is a slew of new products proudly boasting the store’s home. Additionally, CLSC’s collaboration with Diamond Supply Co. dropped the same day, with its products solely available at the new CLSC space. Make sure to drop by the location if you’re in town.

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Post time: 08-18-2017