Compact Storage Systems – high density storage for retail and commercial applications

Compact Storage Systems is an independently owned company located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. We provide storage solutions for retail, industrial and institutional organizations that require cost-effective and highly condensed storage solutions.

Many of our innovative solutions are built on the foundation of our patented levelling seamless track. This unique technology allows us to deploy installations up to 80% faster than comparable systems. Installation speed is critical, especially in retail markets where time and space are always at a premium.

In addition to our speed advantage, our space saving designs and consultation service combine to deliver a high density storage solution that makes the most of the space you have. Escalating lease prices has made it essential for tenants to minimize space for stock. Retail outlets need to maximize shelving capacity while minimizing the amount of stockroom storage required to store product.

Compact Storage Systems has a growing list of clients including Forzani Group, YM Inc, LaSenza, Adidas, Roots and Body Shop. These companies count on us to create solutions that accommodate their deadlines, budgets and expectations of professionalism.

Post time: 09-04-2017