Compare gooseneck outdoor light fixtures before u buy sign barn awning, storefront commercial wall

The highest quality for the lowest prices. Our adjustable outdoor gooseneck light fixtures are UL approved, USA made and have been sold since 1974. Wall mounted for any commercial application. The adjustable shade allows applications from sign lighting to barn lighting. Awnings, restaurants, storefronts, warehouses, parking lots, shopping centers, malls, etc. Made in the USA. Web site:

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Before you buy please see how our fixture compares to others. And you will also see how with OTHER brands you will pay added hidden costs based on extra assembly and wiring that is required for their fixtures. This is in addition to the labor cost for installing/mounting them!


OUR fixture is fully pre-wired!

OUR fixture comes with pre-assembled brass swivel, pre-assembled socket & pre-assembled arm & mounting base.

With our fixture all you have to do is install it after spending 2 minutes attaching the shade!

Please see this page on our site:

Thank you
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