Complete 132 inch x 158 inch Showcase Kiosk Counter Set

This popular low-priced retail showcase kiosk setup ships in 2 to 4 days completely assembled and ready for use from the closest of our 3 factory distribution centers. Exceptional quality in 4 durable melamine laminated colors includes everything needed to make a complete 132″ wide x 158″ long four-sided showcase kiosk setup as shown above (other sizes are also available). Comes complete with 13 total pieces: made up of four open front triangular corner cases, six 4-ft length full vision showcases, two 2-ft length register stands with drawer, and one 5-ft length full vision showcase. All pieces measure 18″ deep x 38″ high with adjustable shelves, and made of solid 3/4″ thick construction. Showcases have safety-tempered glass and include locks installed in white hardboard sliding doors. When your order arrives simply place showcases side-by-side to create a four-sided floor arrangement.

Post time: 08-27-2017