Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes – Comparing Made in USA With Made in China

With any product that is sold the customers subconscious thought is, cheap packaging implies cheap products. It’s a natural assumption and often a logical one.

Using Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes helps sell your product, plus these stay with the customer long after the transaction is made. The packaging is a crucial part of your product and often helps determine the sale or if the customer will return for a repeat sale, which of course is the goal of most businesses. The displaying of your products in the right boxes is important as your want to enhance your jewelry and you do this by having quality packaging.

Purchasing Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes for your business is not about checking price and then the checkout button. Digging a little deeper is necessary and as with any products the key to smart purchasing for your business. If you do surface comparisons and base everything on price you are going to make plenty of mistakes. To avoid the headaches of calling or emailing for return authorization numbers do it right the first time. Yes it will take a little longer, but it’s worth it to save the aggravation and possibly lost customers due to bad product purchasing and buying inferior packaging.

The vast majority of Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes are now made in China. Labor and materials are cheap there and prices tend to be lower also. However since nothing is for nothing the question is, just what are you giving up? After all you are placing your product in these boxes, so they represent your product.

Chinese made Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes use a thinner paperboard than USA made boxes. They tend to use a thinner cotton also. Plus on Chinese made jewelry boxes the paperboard is not made from recycled material. USA made Jewelry Boxes are all made from 100% recycled material, 75% of which is post consumer waste. If you are concerned about the environment then the USA boxes should be your choice. Quality wise, the quality of the paperboard in the USA made jewelry boxes is higher. The paper used to wrap the jewelry boxes is also thicker and a higher quality on the USA made boxes.

So USA made Jewelry Boxes have a thicker paperboard, use 100% recycled material for the paperboard and use a higher quality paper. Are they slightly more expensive? Yes, they are. However remember they represent your product, so you want to spend the extra money to represent your product with quality packaging. The other benefits are you are helping the environment and you are helping employ USA workers, which is something that is the most important, especially in this economy where manufacturing is suffering.

As an added bonus USA made Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes are available is a multitude of colors, unlike China made boxes that tend to be available only in white, gold or silver. USA made jewelry boxes are available is white swirl, gold linen, gold mosaic, silver linen, natural kraft, glossy black, cocoa, deep purple, deep woods green, pastel pink, glossy red, navy blue, midnight blue and even clear top boxes. Colors are great to match your theme, whether it’s your jewelry theme or complete store theme, it draws the eye of the customer and sells product.

Whether is be for your products, for the quality, for the environment or for the US economy, USA made Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes is the right choice. Ask your supplier if theirs are USA made.

Post time: 09-30-2017