Creating a Good Impression With Lighting Fixtures

Normally when it comes to redesigning a room, we consider things like the colour, the aesthetics, the furniture, the space; but one of the last things you will probably consider is perhaps the most important. Lighting can do more than just light up a room – it creates an ambience and can be used to illuminate features you may wish to draw attention to, such as a picture or a centre piece. But what’s the best way to light up your living room, and what is the top set of bathroom lights to help you relax in the bath? In this article we look at the best lighting fixtures suited to the rooms all around your household.

• Chandeliers – these tend to be focal points in a room and will normally be fitted in either a living room or a large hallway. Chandeliers can generate a great deal of light and give a creative sparkle to any room in your household; providing a focal point to any room.

• Pendants – Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling of your home and are a great way to draw attention to a room’s feature, such as a dining table or a kitchen island. Pendant lights can come in all shapes, sizes and colours and they will all be equipped with globes or shades surrounding the light bulb to avoid glare. Pendant lights are a great way to give creativity and elegance to a room, making them an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners.

• Wall Mounted Fixtures – These are a great household lighting alternative and can be found either inside the house or in the garden where they can be used to light up your patio. These fixtures have a great deal of history behind them – they were used to hold candles before electricity was discovered, and the popularity of wall mounted fixtures continues to this very day. Widely used in living rooms, kitchens, hallways and studies, they offer a great range of versatility and often come fitted with dimmer switches for a mood lighting effect.

• Lamps – One of the oldest, cheapest and simplest way to light up a room or add light to a room is to use a portable lamp. The best thing about lamps is that they can be moved around the room or into different rooms if you feel a certain area of your home requires more lighting. These can be used throughout your home, but are most common in the living room, in the bedroom or in the study.

• Track Lighting – Track lighting enables you to highlight a variety of areas in one room from one fitted place. You move and rotate the individual lights, but the whole fixture has to remain fitted in the centre of the room. Normally you would find these lights being used in a commercial environment for display lighting in places like retail shops.

• Recessed Lighting – Is a modern concept which is inconspicuously installed in the ceiling and can be used in a variety of places throughout your household. This is normally a popular way to highlight certain features of a room such as a display, a centre piece, a painting and it can really create a warm and comfortable feel to any room. These lights normally bring in a modern or contemporary feel, and would usually be used as bathroom lights, bedroom lights or kitchen lights.

Post time: 07-13-2017