Creating Trade Show Displays that Work!

Designing a trade show booth design takes experience and an understanding of your specific expo. A local craft trade show display will be different to a gift trade show to a medical trade show to a computer trade show because of the different audiences and products.

So consider if it is worth having the advice of others when designs trade show booths. You can get a professional designer who knows the industry but I think starting with your research is the best thing to do.

Explore the trade show expos you are interested in to see who is doing what and how. You will start getting ideas. My friend does a wholesale jewelry trade show and had made up beautiful jewelry display stands for her new range and had a great result with an increase of orders being placed as well as a lot of compliments for her initiative. Her investment in quality trade show displays has paid off and came about because of her experience and open mind.

By walking your target trade shows you’ll get a good idea about what sort of display booth designs, tones and standards are used and how they can be challenged while still attracting positive attention from customers.

I’ve helped friends with their IT trade show booth and found it amazing the difference between a craft trade show and the computer expo booth display. It is about how different audiences see things differently. For women details matter – to women if the details aren’t looked after they doubt how well run the business is. Just look at how women will doubt the credibility of a bank that allows graffiti to stay on the walls because if the bank can’t look after its own property then how will it look after their customer’s interests? Now men think differently to this.

For men the finer points of display rate lower than the whiz-bang gadgets. But a display targeted for men that is slick and reflects the product enhances the impact of the gadgets.

So yes, there is psychology behind it all but what really matters is knowing your audience and understanding what’s important to them.

Testing the design of a trade show booth can make all the difference. At a recent bridal expo I was at I put two signs up saying the jewelry could be bought and taken home from the wedding expo and this doubled my show sales (giving me much joy). So the testing of the signs worked and will become a normal part of my display. So you need to give things a go, to test ideas and see what happens.

If you feel you haven’t got time to spend researching a number of trade shows and have the money for a professional trade show display booth designer then write out your expectations and requirements so your expo designer knows exactly what you expect and can achieve your goals more easily for you.

It is often a balance between trade show rental costs, staff costs, stock investment, display stands and posters, trade show promotional material and gifts costs as well as any costs in designing the booth itself. So a constant testing and tweaking of the display and efforts will give you the best results.

Post time: 05-24-2017