Creating Your Own Custom Design Jewelry

A lot of people get intimidated when they walk into a jewelry store because with all the jewelry there is to choose from, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Ironically, one of the best ways to overcome that hesitation is to realize there is even more jewelry to choose from that you cannot see. That is the jewelry inside your imagination, and now it can be finally realized thanks to modern technology and age old artistry. Custom design jewelry is now more affordable and available than ever.

What makes handmade jewelry so affordable these days is the elimination of the time it takes to make it. Previously, a person would have to meet with a jeweler and discuss the type of piece they were looking for. Then the jeweler would have to take the time to create a model of the item to make sure it was what the client was looking for. Only then could they go ahead with making the real thing. This took time, and as anyone will tell you, time is money.

Custom jewelry came into the modern age thanks to the one thing that makes everybody’s lives easier: computers. Specifically, it was the creation of computer aided design programs that let the jeweler and the customer look at a three dimensional image of the desired jewelry in just a matter of moments. Eliminating the time required to make the model and the cost associated with obtaining those materials means the final price will be much lower. In many cases, a custom design jewelry item will be no more than a similar piece found in the display case.

The computer design also helps to eliminate any potential flaws that might happen when the final piece is created. What can be made as a model may not necessarily be reproducible when switching to precious metals and rare gemstones. The computer can account for the particular strengths of the materials and adjust the design accordingly. This is also useful for when a customer has both a specific design and a specific budget. They can work together to create a piece that satisfies both demands.

Although the most popular use for custom design jewelry is the creation of diamond engagement rings, a piece of handmade jewelry is perfect for any occasion. Today can create anything from a unique pair of earrings to a necklace that is as distinctive as the person wearing it. The time frame for most custom jewelry is only a few weeks from inception to creation, so it is a perfect idea for any time of the year. Instead of letting the vast selection of jewelry overwhelm you, focus on the ideal piece of jewelry you have always imagined, and bring that to life.

Post time: 09-26-2017