Creative Painting to Complement Your Custom Wood Doors

If you’re installing custom wood doors throughout your home for the first time, it’s highly possible they’ll bring a completely different look and style to the doors you’re taking out.

This can mean certain other home design elements that worked well before may now look a little out of place, with easy replacements not always a viable option.

However, help is at hand, and it comes in a tin.

You may or may not want to paint your new custom wood doors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t paint other things to complement them.

From wall trims and tiles to furniture, fixtures and fittings, and items in the bathroom or kitchen you may never have thought could benefit from a few brush strokes, a creative lick of paint can be applied to most surfaces in the home.

To complement your newly installed custom wood doors, here a few suggestions from us.

Trim and tiles

Painting your trim to match your interior custom wood doors is one of the best ways to make your new purchases stand out.

From base boards to picture rails, and banisters to mantel moldings, most trim elements in your home can be recolored with paint and a little patience.

When installing custom wood doors in your kitchen or bathroom, another existing fixture that can be given a new lease of life are the tiles. Although not commonly painted, there are products on the market designed especially for these applications.

Of course, you won’t need to paint every tile. Indeed, selective painting can create a far more interesting design, helping to complement but not overpower your newly installed wooden doors.

Fixtures, fittings, and furniture

The fixtures and fittings in your home can provide a great accent to the message being given by your custom wood doors.

This might mean a new coat of paint when your doors are installed, but this shouldn’t be too big of a job.

Light fittings may no longer match, but can easily be transformed by being given a new color.

Similarly, any door handles or knobs that remain on your kitchen cabinets can also be retouched with spray paint to match the ones on your new doors.

Most homes have at least a few items of wooden furniture too. Whether a table and chairs or simply dressers and drawers, these can all be made to match your new doors with creative use of a paintbrush.

Bathrooms and kitchens

When installing custom wood doors in the kitchen or bathroom, there are more options for some creative painting than just the aforementioned tiles.

If you’d prefer not to paint the tiles themselves, the grout in between them can be given a new color to match your new doors instead. A solution too for covering dirty grout in older bathrooms or kitchens, the subtle addition of color can really bring out the tone of your custom wood doors.

Taps, faucets, and other kitchen or bathroom fixtures can also be brought up to date by a quick application of spray paint, or creative use of a paint pen.

Metallic silvers and golds are the obvious choices, but less common tones can really complement your custom wood doors too if they are made to match.

Whether you decide to paint your interior custom wood doors or not, creative painting of other design elements in your home can help them to fit in and look their best.

From trim and tiles to fixtures, fittings and furniture, and even bathroom and kitchen applications, you may be surprised what can be achieved with a simple tin of paint and a little patience.

Post time: 01-29-2017